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Sweet Spring Country Farm - Catch Your Breath!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The south has been our destination for family travel for most of the time. And we were glad to have the chance to visit Senator Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta’s Sweet Spring Country Farm in Alfonso, Cavite.

Our family really loves taking a walk in nature. I learned that this activity is good for kids with Autism but of course, it’s applicable even if you’re not in the spectrum. A nature walk is very much recommended for both adults and kids.

October 2019, we went to Alfonso to visit a parcel of land that we just purchased.

We did not stay long in soon to be our homestead, so we thought of going to places nearby.

Sweet Spring Country Farm has been on our radar after watching videos on YouTube about organic farming, homesteading, and farms in Alfonso.

Initially, I thought there is a store in the front yard of the farm and we were actually just planning to buy vegetables and vinegar but when we get there, we became so curious about what’s inside so we decided to stay for a while.

The entrance fee was P150 for adults. My son is just 7 years old and was given a discounted rate of P100. This fee includes the tour to the whole farm plus a potted plant.

The Story of Bacon

First, we went to a native pig that was said to be 7 years old (same age as my son). I think the pig was named Bacon.

The staff who assisted us told us that the pig was born with defects ( I think the pig was born weak and its legs are shorter than a normal native pig).

The owners’ son, Miguel, decided to take care of the pig. (If you have watched the movie, Charlotte’s Web, the story is somehow similar to that.)

The staff advised us to refrain from touching Bacon because of its unpredictable behavior. But sorry, Ate, me and my son can’t help it. :)

The story of Bacon makes my heart smile. I felt it somehow resonates with ‘special children’ like my son. Personally, I hope Bacon will be on the farm for a long time. I feel Bacon will be a good ambassador of the farm and will most likely be popular too as the owners.

The Farm

As we walk inside the farm, the staff generously acquainted us with some tips on how they organically grow their vegetables.

I really can’t remember all the plants and vegetables inside the farm but I remember - lettuce, differents herbs, sitaw, sigarilyas, turmeric, coffee, pepper, tomatoes… There’s probably a lot more but that’s what my brain can just remember. :)

Aside from Bacon the pig, you will be greeted by their native dogs. You will also see some carabaos dwelling in the river.

Natural Staircase - Roughly hewn to create a damn stunning scenery

This is the most challenging part.

I should warn kids (and parents) to be ready with this part of the nature walk.

Going deep to the farm, you will be led to hundreds of steps that you need to walk through. Not sure if it’s because of my age (I’m 41!) but going down this natural staircase was already tiring. That time, I can’t help but wonder if there is an easy route to go up (more on that later...).

So, after we went down these stairs, it is all worth it! You will be greeted with an amazing river that streams in the middle of the farm.

Going Up!

It was past time lunch already and we were already hungry. Thus, we really can’t stay that long, so just after a minute of rest in that part of the farm, we already decided to go.

So, going back to the hundred steps, the staff asked us if we wanted to use the same natural staircase or walk through a cemented road. Unfortunately, the cemented road looks so steep to me, so we just decided to use the same path.

Going up, I literally could hear my heart beating. Without exaggerating, I felt like my heart came out of my chest because I was really catching my breath. You’ve been warned!

Before Leaving

For every person who will visit the farm, the entrance fee includes a pot of herb. We were given a pot of Kale, Holy Basil, and Parsley. They gave me a bonus pot of bell pepper (I was told it is a different kind of bell pepper or something like that).

I bought a kilo of lettuce priced at P150. A bottle of their vinegar priced at P80 (Please inquire with the staff before purchasing. Price may have changed.)

You will be given the option to experience harvesting the vegetables that you will buy but since we were tired already, we just asked their staff to do it for us.

Helpful Tips

Since this farm trip was not really planned for us, these are some things that we hope we were came prepared:

  • Make sure you have extra clothes

  • Bring drinking water (and snacks) before you go down the natural staircase

  • Best to be there earlier so you will have more time inside the farm (your tummy may nag you of lunch)

  • Use Waze app to locate the farm

  • Make sure you are physically fit for the stairs. It may not be good for those who have a weak heart and legs. Take rest whenever needed.

  • Take precautions when you approach their dogs. A dog in the farther part of the farm was disturbed and barked at us. :)

Final Notes from the Spectrum Mommy

Please know that if you’re looking for a leisure farm like Sta. Elena Fun Farm in Cabuyao, Laguna, this is far from it.

Sweet Spring Country Farm is a rugged version. It was really created to be an organic farm so don’t expect to get fancy amenities.

This became memorable to us because of the challenging staircase built into nature.

Though it was physically tiring, my husband and I agreed that it seems our breathing improved even days after the farm trip. It seems it positively expanded our lungs.

If you are new to the idea of organic farming, I strongly encourage you to do research about it. This may give you a different perspective and a new way of thinking as to what food to eat. Glad that someone like Sen. Pangilinan is into organic farming!

The visit to Sweet Spring Country Farm made us get a little short of breath but well worth the effort.

If you’re passionate about homebased work, life hacks, "special" stories, travel and anything in between, please follow me on Instagram @thespectrummommy

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