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How I Became a "Special" Mom?

Hey, I’m Milette! I am a “special” mommy blogger and an online entrepreneur. I created this blog to have a creative outlet to share my experiences on things that I am passionate with:


  • Home-based Work

  • Life Hacks

  • “Special” Stories

  • Travel


Yes! I will be sharing a lot of stuff - not necessarily connected to each other. I will just deal with Google algorithm some other time. Haha! What’s important now is I will be connected to the world.


But seriously, this blog is not for me.


Yes, my introduction may sound too selfish. All of us have the need to be heard, to share opinion and advice. And who I am to add my voice in this noisy world of the internet?


The answer is - I don’t know.


For now, I may be just talking to myself. But hopefully, a few weeks, months or years after, there will be one soul who can resonate with what I am saying.


And maybe if this will blog can be monetized, hopefully, I can help more special little ones to get the therapy that they need.

Here’s my story...


"Following the trail of clues and hints left by nature will eventually bring us to a place of meaning, purpose,connectedness, and beauty."


Most of us grew up in the idea that success is only available on the traditional route. Study at the top university and then work in the corporate world.


I followed that route ... studied 4 yrs in Manila and then worked hard to climb the corporate ladder.


My longest work was 10 years in a commercial bank. While being a bank officer is the next step in a so-called success, a voice in me told me that there's something more. Only that time, I was clueless.


April 2012 ... I became a mom.


Mondays to Fridays, I'm not in the house for thirteen (13) hrs. On Saturday, sometimes there’s a business event to attend to. My husband was also working in a bank and his work hours were even worse.


I still remember, one time while I was already waiting for a couple of hours for the bus to arrive, I told myself, "It can not be this way".


I was thinking of putting up a business but I really do not have much money to gamble so my intent to resign was put on hold.


August 2012 ... I had an idea of ​​doing home-based work.


The idea came from a bank client. She called me to discuss a few issues on their mortgaged house.


Nearing the end of the conversation, she mentioned she found a home-based work. She said she’s working as a web developer for an Australian client.


That moment, I could sense that she’s so proud of her new venture. Actually, I was too!


She’s an educated woman but has been a plain housewife and mother of two since she had her family. Her husband works abroad and that made it impossible for her to build her own career because she needs to take care of their kids.


Surprising truth! - she was earning more than what I was earning for working for 10 years in that bank. How could that be possible?


November 2012… I was hired as a Virtual Assistant.


I started with just $1/hour on a graveyard shift. My client was US based and her requirement was to work on her timezone not because my tasks are time sensitive. She just wants it that way. I stayed there for four months.


Luckily, that job just served as a stepping stone for me. Opportunities came one after another. And all of them served its purpose on both my personal and career growth.


More details about my journey soon...


2015… Officially, I became the mom of a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That made me a special mom, I guess.


It was a tough year for us. Imagine being told of something that you are not totally aware of? Yeah, I have heard about autism in the past but I guess you will never understand autism unless you love someone who have ASD.


Four years after my son was diagnosed, this blog is born.


In this blog, I will share with you my experience and other stories from other “special” moms.


2016… Is my year of awakening.


I became interested in personal growth and spirituality. I realized that life long learning is the key to an extraordinary life.


Through this, I find my missionS in life.


So, if you are interested in Home based Work, Life Hacks, “Special” Stories, Travel and things in between, please subscribe to my email list and connect with me through my social media accounts.



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