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Hotel H2O Manila : A Place Worth Revisiting

hotel h20 manila

Note: This is not a sponsored post, and I regret that I can only share our hotel experience through words as I wasn't able to capture more photos during our stay.

Situated in the heart of Manila, Hotel H2O promises an extraordinary blend of luxury and aquatic wonder. Having stayed here three times, this remarkable hotel has secured a special place in our hearts, thanks to the unique experiences it offers. It seamlessly combines opulent accommodations with the enchantment of an underwater world, making it a standout choice for those seeking something truly out of the ordinary.


Allow me to rewind and share our past visits. During our first stay, we opted for the 25 sqm Aqua Room for a single night. The second time around, we selected the same Aqua Room but extended our visit to three days and two nights. On our most recent visit, we upgraded to the 39 sqm Aqua Supreme room, complete with a bathtub. The excitement of staying in a more spacious room with a substantial aquarium wall had us eagerly anticipating what lay ahead.


The hotel's lobby, located on the third level of the building, immediately sets the tone for an extraordinary stay. The fact that Hotel H2O shares its space with the Manila Oceanpark is a significant convenience, especially for families like ours who appreciate the chance to take a breather from time to time. As we stepped in, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff, making our check-in process effortless and enjoyable.

Aqua Supreme Room Hotel H20 Manila


We found the spacious Aqua Supreme room particularly appealing, as it allowed our son ample room to move around. It even featured a bathtub, which I had looked forward to using. Unfortunately, a late discovery of a leak dashed those hopes. As we had already settled into the room (and kind of messed it up already), I feel like requesting a room transfer may be too much. Nevertheless, the overall stay remained rewarding. The underwater room itself was generously proportioned, tastefully decorated, and equipped with all the modern conveniences one could desire.


For parents of children with autism, the convenience of in-room dining is invaluable. Sometimes, the scent of various foods can overwhelm our son, or he simply prefers to dine in private. On this particular morning, he chose not to leave the room, despite our complimentary buffet breakfast. Fortunately, I had arranged for our breakfast to be delivered to our room with the hotel's reception staff. To our delight, they accommodated our request without hesitation and even checked in with us that morning to ensure we enjoyed our meal.


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Our breakfast, courtesy of the in-house restaurant, Makan Makan, left us pleasantly surprised by its generous portions. We were just a group of three, but the meal delivered to us seemed to be intended for eight people. Our breakfast includes coffee, longganisa (sausage), fried rice, fresh fruits, and pancakes. For sure, if we opted for a breakfast buffet, more food options are available but that's okay. The in-room dining is totally great! My son particularly relished the fried rice and longganisa.

Although Makan Makan offers quality Filipino dishes, it would be nice if they expanded their international cuisine options. Their Pansit Canton though is a must-try.

However, hunger was never a concern, with numerous dining choices within the building and stalls just outside the hotel entrance.

aqua supreme room review
Photo Credit: Hotel H20 Manila


As a digital nomad, a strong internet connection is paramount even on leisure trips, although I chose not to work during this particular stay. The hotel's reliable internet connectivity was reassuring, providing an added layer of convenience.


Our third visit to H2O Hotel Manila was just as memorable as the previous ones. One can never truly tire of the experience it offers. It's a destination that seamlessly combines luxury, adventure, and the enchantment of the underwater realm. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a couple seeking romance, or a family yearning for an unforgettable vacation, this unique hotel should definitely be on your radar.

Check their Official Website : Hotel H20 Manila

Our time there felt surreal, and we can't help but contemplate returning for another enchanting night. Perhaps next year?


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