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Kasa Luntian Serviced Residences Review - Why You Should Stay Here

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

June 2019... My son’s homeschooling is about to start, and I was thinking of planning a trip for the family to celebrate this new journey.

Been busy the past weeks and my husband and I didn’t have the energy for a long trip so we decided to go somewhere familiar. It should be a short trip but at the same time a new experience for us.

Google searching led me to Kasa Luntian Serviced Residences.

And so I booked for a one-night stay in their one-bedroom suite.

Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this place.

Okay - they have pools, condo-like units and a very small playground (which my son surprisingly loved so much). Fortunately, it is a gem for a “special” family like us!

Here’s my travel review….

The Travel

Whenever we go to Tagaytay or Batangas, we always passed by the area of Kasa Luntian, so the place is already somehow familiar to me. I knew it will be a short trip to us without the hassle of locating the place.

The Accommodation

As I mentioned, I didn’t expect much from their one-bedroom suite. I looked at some vlogs and yeah, it’s pretty decent. But it’s a lot better when you’re there.

What I love about the room:

  • Spacious at 55 square meters

  • Well designed - I love the sliding door that separates the bedroom

  • It is my dream to have a separate bathroom and comfort room in my house so being able to experience it is a big thing for me. Lol!

  • We love the wooden sofa with a super comfy cushion. You can sleep on that one.

  • Amazingly widescreen TV

  • Very functional kitchen area with ALL the things you need (they have dishwashing soap even! Haha!)

  • Complete toiletries set-up (i.e. toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc)

  • Hot and cold water even in the kitchen area (not common to Airbnb houses in Tagaytay)

  • Super high-speed internet. I could work online without any hassle.

The Pool

Based on my experience, most of the hotels and resorts in Tagaytay would either not have a temperature-controlled pool or would advertise as they have one but in reality, their pool water will freeze you to death.

Kasa Luntian is different.

When my son was very eager to swim at 7 a.m., we worried that the pool may not be ready enough to offer that temperature-controlled waters.

I was super happy that at that early time, two of their pools (or maybe even more) are indeed temperature-controlled. And it was just me and my son who was in the pool that time which means whether they have a lot of guests or not, they are true to what they tell.

Some Plus Points

You can have that great morning walk within their gated community. Luckily, fog greeted us while we were enjoying the area.

A nearby 7-11 Store is also great to grab some snacks.

Though we always prefer to cook our food (because of my son’s condition) and we were really glad of the kitchen set-up in our room, I think it is always best to have that option to have nice food delivered on your doorsteps. Unfortunately, they don’t have room service but they can refer you to their partner restaurants and cafe located within Kasa Luntian and those stores will deliver the food to you.

Little Downside

If you are like us who can be easily tired of walking around the Tagaytay tourist spots (we can't easily make our little one to sit down 😁 ), an early check-in should have been helpful.

Unfortunately, it seems they can’t offer that bonus points for their guests (even to person's with disability) and you need to pay for those extra hours of stay.

Final Notes

If you are looking for a complete package in your room accommodation and enjoy the temperature-controlled pool in a cold Tagaytay, Kasa Luntian will give you that needed relaxation that a family needs.

If you love this content and you like to experience Kasa Luntian Serviced Residences, you can book a room here: Agoda: Kasa Luntian (this is an affiliate link).

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