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How Mindvalley Free Courses Helped Me as a Special Needs Parent and as a Freelancer

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Full Disclosure: I am sharing this information about Mindvalley Free Courses because it really helped me in my personal growth as a special needs parent and a freelancer. I may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase their courses but even without it, I 100% recommend to check them out. Even their free courses are super helpful!

Here’s the story…

It was sometime in 2016 when I get to be introduced to Mindvalley. From one content to another, with inspiring videos that seem to be unlimited, I got hooked instantly.

I guess it’s true to say, “When a student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Mindvalley came at the most perfect time.


Personal growth is something so unfamiliar to me. As a student (two decades ago), whenever I have the chance to go to the bookstore, the “personal growth” section seems just to be a bunch of theories from smart authors and just motivating books that I felt will not really resonate and will not bring value to me.

Well, you can’t blame me, I already have a bunch of books from school that I need to read (Okay, that’s an excuse!)

In my mind, as to personal growth, I was saying, the actual experience will be my best teacher. Now, there may be some truth to this statement. The problem is, I was stuck for decades.

And the worst part is, I was so unaware. My blockage is so engraved that even if my life experienced some wins or losses, looking back, I could see a huge cork that blocked my potential.

I am running an invisible mouse wheel. I am climbing the ladder of someone else’s dream.

Mindvalley masterclasses helped me tremendously. And didn’t I mention, they are free?

Yes, they have premium courses that are really expensive but the free courses are designed to benefit you even if you don’t pursue the paid ones.

Here are my life-changing insights from these great Mindvalley teachers

1. Vishen Lakhiani - Breaking the Brules

Okay, so I may have a dozen realizations after listening to him but my best one is breaking the brules.

The term “Brule” was coined by Vishen. It means bullshit rules that you blindly follow. It could be - rules that influenced you on how to do work, how to express your faith, who you should love, how you should act, how to raise your kids, how to educate them...

And these rules may come from your parents, your teachers, your government, your priest or preacher, your friends, and even random people you met along the way. Rules that you never dare to question.

If breaking the brules are considered a state offense, I may be in lifetime imprisonment by now. :)

It was late 2012 when I decided to do freelancing work. It was a risk I have to take considering the “promising” 9-5 career that was in front of me. My colleagues say I am nuts and that I should think a thousand times.

Back then, I didn’t know I am about to do something epic. And when Vishen gave a term for what I did, it was very empowering.

And then I learned how to question the brule on how I should educate my child diagnosed with autism. I realized, that the traditional school system is not the only path to learning.

I realized that my son’s sensory issues are not meant to be solved by brick and mortar rooms, but rather be celebrated as one with nature.

I realized that my son’s lack of social skills cannot be addressed by a bunch of little tykes, but rather by a diversity of people from different walks of life.

(Bonus: Try Vishen’s 6-phase meditation. It helped me to connect myself with my son and be able to calm his mind. This helped me to put him into a good sleep without the struggle. More information on this in my next blog)

2. Jim Kwik - Learning How To Learn

Listening to Jim Kwik, I can’t help but wonder (and hope)... what if all school teachers are like him. How I wish!

Whenever I am in his class, I see this person who can deliver a (1) practical learning with a profound impact by making it (2) inspiring and (3) fun, all at the same time.

For my past teachers, from primary to college, I am really sorry… it seems you missed a point or two. :(

I was fortunate to have the premium course of Jim Kwik. As of this writing, I am still doing the quest, but so far, it helped me to understand how would be our approach whenever we do my son’s homeschooling lessons.

3. Robin Sharma - Be a 60-Minute Student

Out of all the wisdom that Robin Sharma has shared, one thing that struck to me the most was when he said “Ordinary people love entertainment. Extraordinary people adore education”.

This idea may be simple and obvious to some. But for someone like me (who once have this invisible cork in my head), that made me realize what should I prioritize.

It helped me realize that life-long learning is the key.

Now, I spend like 60 minutes a day on learning. It could be reading articles, watching educational YouTube vids, or doing courses that will either help me grow my skills for my freelancing business, research stuff for my son’s homeschooling, and things I can do for my son in relation to his diagnosis. Of course, this includes taking more of Mindvalley free courses and content. :)

Whenever I am tempted to watch cute dogs and a bunch of animals in my Instagram feed, I would find asking myself “Why am I here?”. That helped me to effortlessly put down my phone and instead work on myself.

4. Marisa Peer - Have a Bulletproof Confidence

Marisa Peer helped me tremendously to have that self-confidence. As she said, we should build a partnership with our brain.

This part of the preparation guide for the masterclass was life-changing for me. I thought of sharing it instead of translating it into my words because I feel I will give more justice to her wisdom if I share this content. I encourage you to watch it in its’ entirety.

As a freelancer, it helped me to have that bulletproof confidence in sending those proposals and talking to prospective clients. Yeah, sometimes my fear still overshadows me or sometimes there are rejections along the way. But boy did it helped me not to be negatively affected so much.

But rather, it helped me to have that space to realize what should I still need to learn.

And as a special needs parent, I really hope I could light up the path for my child by helping him build his confidence and know that whatever other people say about him, it is a reflection of those people’s character and not him.

5. Michael Beckwith - Have a Goal Worthy of Your Soul

Of all the free courses I have taken with Mindvalley, it’s on Michael Beckwith’s class that I go back to from time to time. It’s not because I have to but more of I feel like going home when I listen to him.

In his masterclass, he taught about Kensho and Satori.

"Kensho is growth by pain. It’s when pain enters our life to prompt us to make a shift."

"Satori comes from moments of sudden awakening. It’s that “A-ha!” moment we’ve all felt when something just clicks."

As Michael Beckwith taught me to have that goal worthy of my soul, I felt in his words that it seems he was talking to my soul.

The first time that I took his class, I didn’t instantly realize my life’s purpose but when I had that light bulb in my head, I knew deep in my heart that what happened was a divine intervention and that is because of Michael Beckwith’s words.

And in case you wonder, my goal is to support the education of underprivileged special children in the Philippines. I sourced the fund from a portion of my freelancing work plus selling digital art and children’s book. (Follow our Instagram page for our digital art : @edreamstudio)

6. Gelong Thubten - Radical Forgiveness

Gelong Thubten does not have a free masterclass in Mindvalley. But I strongly encourage you to check out the contents of his teachings specifically on forgiveness.

Life in itself can be tough. But if you’re a special parent like me, you know it can be tougher.

And this is why learning how to forgive is such a special gift that you can receive.

Through Gelong Thubten, I learned how to forgive my son’s diagnosis, the people who would intentionally and unintentionally push against my boundaries and pass judgment. I learned to forgive my marriage’s imperfections. I learned to forgive myself.

Forgiveness seems like a cliche. We hear it from our priests, parents, and maybe friends, but Gelong Thubten shared it so profoundly but something that you can easily digest.

Through forgiveness, I learned to liberate and empower myself even more.

Final Notes

There are other Mindvalley teachers worth to listen to like Lisa Nichols, Neale Donald Walsch, Cristy Marie Sheldon, Jeffrey Allen, Donna Eden, Shefali Tsabary, Jon & Missy Butcher, and much much more.

I can’t measure how much these teachers helped me to evolve as a freelancer and as a special needs parent but one thing I could say is that they made my path and my son’s future significantly brighter.

If you’re interested to join the free courses, you can check them out here: Mindvalley Free Courses

Thank me later! :)

If you’re passionate about homebased work, life hacks, "special" stories, travel and anything in between, please follow me on Instagram @thespectrummommy

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