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How Pinterest Works - The One Strategy You Need To Follow

If you have a business and you wanted to reach your target audience, you probably have heard how Pinterest works and how it can be a great platform to grow your business.

You have read them all and now you know that by using Pinterest, you can directly be in front of people who have the intention of looking for your product or service.

And at this point, you are already convinced that you will have your own Pinterest account.

And somewhere along the way, you decided to hire somebody else to do it for you.

And at this very moment, you are probably thinking that it will just take maybe 10 hours the most to complete the entire process…

And also at this hour, you are thinking, “Well, instead of taking the time to hire someone for this… which maybe will take me the entire week to get someone…” and then you continued saying, “I will do it by myself.”

You can do that of course! But please know that if you want to gain success on Pinterest, the resources that you have read probably was not able to highlight how Pinterest works.

And there’s one not so secret strategy that works...

You need to commit using Pinterest consistently.

That’s the ONE Pinterest Strategy that I am talking about on this article!

Let me highlight it again - Consistent pinning is the key!

Yup! I am not talking about SEO or great pin image. Those will not work if you are not working on your Pinterest on a daily basis. You need to be pinning quality pins every day!

Client’s Misconception

Sometimes, project offers would come and clients would tell me that they would probably just need someone who will do a maximum of 5 hours per week.

I see this as an opportunity to educate my clients on how Pinterest work. I always tell them that I can’t adjust my Pinterest strategy and do less work on their Pinterest account just to get their business.

Their Pinterest success is also my success and I firmly believe that clients should see the value of their money spent. And this can only be done if consistent pinning of quality pins will be done.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

How many pins? You can do 20 - 30 quality pins each day. About 80% of your own content and 20% of others.

How long should you pin like this? Forever. And have at least 6 months of consistent pinning before you judge if Pinterest is for you.

What if you don’t have a lot of your own content to share? Well, Pinterest love fresh content. You can do that by creating new graphics to your old blog post and have a set of new pin description.

Why should I wait for 6 months? Pinterest pins take months before it receives it's needed traction. Six months of pinning will help you see the patterns of your success and the things that you need to improve on.

To Conclude

I do not mean to discourage you to use Pinterest. But you need to know this so you can think ahead, plan properly and so you know what to expect.

Though Pinterest is not that big as Facebook and Instagram, it can be equally if not more effective if you wanted to target your audience.

I have done both Facebook and Instagram Marketing and though these platforms are huge, I really believe in the power of Pinterest.

Most Pinterest users are driven by “search intent” meaning they are in the platform not really to “socialize” but they are actively looking for products and ideas. And depending on your niche, this is why you should be consistently active on Pinterest.

Are you ready to turbo-charge your Pinterest Marketing efforts? Do you agree on this one Pinterest strategy? I am open to thoughtful debates. Share your comments below.

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