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Homeschool Supply List - Seriously Consider Buying These Items!

Homeschool Supply List - Seriously Consider Buying These Items

Homeschooling has become very popular over the last years or so. Especially when Covid came and parents were looking for a solution on how kids can still learn while at home.

But with or without Covid, homeschooling is really a great way to educate your child at home. It allows you to tailor the curriculum to suit your child’s learning style and interests. This topic deserves an article of its own and I’ll update this once I finalized that. Promise!

But for now, let’s talk about why you landed on this page - Homeschool Supply List!

If you’re new to homeschooling and you really don’t know yet how to “equip” yourself, then read on.

Please note that I intentionally did not include the usual stuff that parents buy when their child is going to a “regular” school. I did not include pencils, glue, the “usual” pens, and papers because for sure you don’t need this article for that.

Here are some things you should seriously consider including on your homeschool supply list.


While homeschooling is not really about rules and a strict schedule, I find having a whiteboard useful to make my son understand visually what will be the topics, activities, or exercises for the day. It also gives him satisfaction whenever he puts a checkmark on an item that is done.

I recommend this compact size, big enough to write things but small enough for my kid to grasp it and for us to carry it wherever we want.

whiteboard Homeschool Supply List

Refillable Marker

Yes, you seriously need to have the refillable one. First reason - it’s one way to teach a child how to save the planet.

I recommend that you buy two different colors (black and red). It really helps when you want to emphasize a word or phrase when you’re teaching your child a difficult concept. Do you really need to buy more than two colors? The answer is No.

refillable marker Homeschool Supply List

Printer (Ink Tank System)

While we were provided with workbooks, I find that most of the time I still need to print materials that my son needs. As I’ve mentioned, the beauty of homeschooling is that you can tailor the activities based on your child’s interests. So having a printer of your own is really helpful whenever you wanted to do the extra mile of searching and choosing the right educational materials. And though my son appreciates it more if we draw or write things from scratch, sometimes we need the actual face of Jack Sparrow or Maleficent in learning things like Math. That’s where the printer is very much handy. :) Again, that’s the beauty of homeschooling. You can make a lesson more interesting.

I recommend this type of printer - with an ink tank system compared to those with cartridges because I find it the most ink efficient. My ink lasted for more than 2 years and it didn’t dry out in hot weather.

printer ink tank system Homeschool Supply List

Storage Box

Well, you need to teach a child how to be organized! Since you probably will accumulate a bunch of crayons, paints, brushes, buttons, and yarns, then you really need a storage box. For us, we just keep one box for what we usually need and maybe just keep another one for duplicate things or stuff that you seldom use.

I recommend this type because it's easy for a kid to carry and it's transparent. And while some parents would want to have a dedicated room for schooling, well for us, there is joy in having a different environment from time to time.

I find that a simple box like the image below is enough, but you may also be interested to get those with dividers.

storage box Homeschool Supply List

Homeschool Supply List - In Conclusion

Homeschooling can be expensive, especially if you end up buying things you don’t need in the first place. But note that though I highly recommend that you have these homeschooling supplies, you and your child may have some unique needs - go for that if you feel you really need it. For as long as you do mindful spending, then you’re good!

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