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Perfect Autism Residential Homes - A Sanctuary for the Whole Family

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

When my son was diagnosed with Autism, I remember one of the things that I first looked on the internet was to find if there is anything I should do to modify our current home so it could fit my child's needs now or in the near future.

What would be the perfect residential home for a family with a child diagnosed with Autism?

Common things that I read were how to choose the right colors, lighting, furniture and even a "cool-down" room in case a child would experience aggression.

Some would suggest about decluttering your house and some safety measures to make it safe for the little ones.

While the last two points are quite good reminders, unfortunately, I've never modified our house based on these ideas. It took us nearly 4 years to do a major shift about our home.

And no, it got nothing to do with paints and types of furniture...

Here's our Perfect Residential Home

We decided to get a residential farmland, specifically in Alfonso, Cavite.

In the vid, you will see my son and husband throwing some salt on our land, our way of land blessing ritual.

Unfortunately, the Taal volcano erupted. 🌋

Some family members and friends began to question our decision. "Are you sure you'll still move there?"

For me and my husband, we see it as a blessing (Sorry, don't mean to be insensitive to those who were affected).

At least, we experienced volcano eruption at far, it helps us too to prepare and I think somehow, it allows us to really decide if moving to a farmland will be good for us.

And yes, we will still go ahead and live there.

Why did we decide to move from a city to a farmland?

Here are some benefits that we see:

1. Near to nature which will be helpful for our son.

2. Near to amazing Batangas beaches, Tagaytay tourist spots, and churches that my son really love to visit.

3. Access to nearby farms that are into organic farming, too.

4. We could learn how to do organic farming and grow our own organic food.

5. We can learn agripreneurship (agriculture + entrepreneurship) which we can also teach to our son.

6. We're planning to build here a tiny house (inspired by @livingbiginatinyhouse ), so we could be mortgage-free. Still dreaming big (earn more and give back more), but a big house is not included. PS: Thank you @brycelangston 😘 .

7. We aim for longevity. I think this kind of lifestyle will help us to move our muscles naturally.

Our work and my son's education are locations independent so we could do this kind of set-up. It's a bit far from my son's therapy center but I think we could address that eventually.

I understand that happiness is not an external thing to be found but we are really excited about this. I believe an overwhelming presence of nature will make us bond more together and will be such a great leap for my son's well-being.

We will see what's waiting there for us (aside from the pineapple farm beside our land). 😄

What’s the perfect home for you and your child? Excited to know your ideas.

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